A Python 3 binding to exiv2


python3-exiv2’s source code is versioned with bazaar, hosted on Launchpad.

You can get the latest revision of the development branch with the following command in a terminal:

bzr branch lp:py3exiv2

The following achives contain the latest stable release.

python3-exiv2_0.2.0.tar.gz The sources and the files needed for the compilation of the lib
python3-exiv2_all.0.2.0.tar.gz The complete archive with the doc and the unit tests

python3-exiv2 is available on PyPi for Unix-like platform.

Use this command to install the package:

pip3 install py3exiv2

Debian, Ubuntu and derived

python3-exiv2 is available on the ppa's author, add it in your source list.

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vincent-vandevyvre/vvv
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3-exiv2

Or choose one of the following packages.

python3-exiv2_0.2.0_i386.deb 32 bits version
python3-exiv2_0.2.0_amd64.deb 64 bits version


py3exiv2-0.2.0-1.fc22.src.rpm Sources, include file spec
py3exiv2-0.2.0-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm Created for fedora 19 64 bits


Aur repository

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